Anniel: bridal shoes with a vintage twist

The  Anniel  wedding shoes are comfortable, practical, but above all elegant and stylish

There is nothing in the world that identifies more a woman than the shoes she wears: tall, low, sporty, sexy, practical, sensual … A shoe is never just an accessory, it is the mirror of the soul of the one who  wears it. Imagine in the case of a bride: here, more than telling the character and personality, the shoes must also be well coordinated to the dress and the bouquet and above all they need to be comfortable, to be able to be worn all day, without giving problems.

For this reason, they must be chosen with great care, with the support of who works in the industry since over 40 years. Like Anniel, a shoe manufacturing company  started in 1976 and located in the Treviso hills, surrounded by nature, a privileged environment where they can get inspired and give birth to good ideas, also in terms of fashion. Our team of wedding planners may help you to find the right supplier for your wedding on the Lake Como.

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Anniel: the perfect wedding shoe

A past made of tradition, passion and love for dance are the basis of the first Anniel shoes: ballet shoes worn by dancers all over the world of such elegance and comfort to be cleared even in the fashion world, with a collection designed for everyday purposes, but always being faithful to the origins and style of the brand, recognizable for that mix of simplicity of the shapes and creative use of materials. Another point in favor is 100% handmade in Italy, which makes Anniel a full member of the Made in Italy pride.

With these premises and success known and established over the years, it was natural that Anniel expanded its offer, also taking care of the bridal market: and so, in 2015 they created the first Bridal collection, romantic, simple and with a vintage twist, just like most of today’s brides.

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The style of Anniel bridal shoes

Starting with a single variant of the butterfly open-toe, legendary model of the company, this style began to become more and more popular, catching on between brides and becoming a real best seller! The reason for success? It’s a style that perfectly combines uniqueness, magic and class, meeting that vintage touch – we could say, shabby chic – of the long dresses of lace and tulle, which seem to come out of the grandmothers’ trunk. And it is precisely with this type of dress,  flowy and with an embroidered corset, that the Anniel bridal shoes get along perfectly . Do you want a more romantic dress? Choose one with a wide skirt in tulle, to be combined with a pair of glittery silver butterfly and you will immediately feel like Cinderella!

And speaking of clothes, the news are not over:  Anniel has just launched a capsule collection of wedding dresses, entirely handmade and always inspired by the tradition of dance, the company’s first love, synonymous with loyalty and union over the years . Just like a real marriage.

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