The rustic chic wedding is still as popular today as ever as it provides the perfect fusion of elegance and personality.

With limitless possibilities for customisation, rustic chic weddings create a destination within a destination.

Guests arrive at the venue and are immediately transported into a fairytale. Strings of white lights cast an enchanted glow over the dance floor. Hand-lettered chalkboards feature farm-to-table cuisine, local craft beer and artisan liquors. A rustic wedding is a world unto itself, and one that is built entirely from the heart.

Because rustic chic weddings are so heartfelt and personal, the choice of wedding venue is very important. The location becomes the canvas onto which you will paint your relationship story.

This very versatile option has an effortless way of integrating a unique mix of vintage, country and old-fashioned ambiance that is beautifully blended to showcase your individual style.

bespoke wedding planner
bespoke wedding planner